About Us

Currently living in Houston, TX with our small family of three.  My husband and I are parents to a wonderful and hilarious baby boy.  Our son and a desire to make a positive impact are the biggest inspirations behind the name and creation of The Noble Fox Shop.

When I was pregnant, there was a family of foxes that lived in our backyard.  We would frequently see them curled up on our patio or rolling around in the grass, providing us some exciting and adorable entertainment.  They even had a baby around the same time we had our boy.   As a result, our son has a ridiculous amount of fox themed items.  We warmly refer to the fox as his spirit animal. 🦊

The name Noble not only reflects the meaning of our son's name, but the idea of being honorable.  Our goal is to create a space that helps families and their little ones, but also calling attention to causes and organizations that are actively making a difference for future generations.  

Follow our journey as we highlight wonderful items for your tribe while trying to be a Noble Fox.  

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ღ Thank you!